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Omnichannel Retail Suite

Introducing the Omnichannel Retail Suite – the ultimate solution for retailers who want to streamline their operations and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. With Fulfill Fast for Order Management and Connect Cart for E-commerce Integration, this bundle offers robust omnichannel capabilities, allowing retailers to manage their inventory across all sales channels with ease

Omnichannel Retail Suite works in interconnection with Essential Retail Suite and Growth Retail Suite, la solution tout en un pour la gestion de l'activité retail

Connect Cart

Thanks to Connect Cart’s powerful omnichannel capabilities, Retailers can streamline their operations and improve their customer experience. With centralized inventory management, real-time order tracking, and seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms, Connect Cart makes it easy to stay on top of your sales channels and provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints. 

Key Capabilities:

  • Integrate e-commerce platforms with retail management systems, and manage orders, inventory, and customer data from a single platform.
  • Enable customers to buy products online and pick them up in-store
  • Capture and integrate customer data from online and offline channels.

Fulfill Fast

With Fulfill Fast, Retailers can streamline their order fulfillment process, reduce shipping times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Fulfill Fast offers a range of powerful features that make it easy for you to manage your orders and ship them out quickly. Whether you’re fulfilling orders from your online store, marketplace, or brick-and-mortar location, Fulfill Fast has you covered.

Key Capabilities:

  • Manage shipping and delivery processes, including packaging selection, tracking, and automated label printing.
  • Manage inventory levels and allocate stock to fulfill orders
  • Fulfill online orders from physical stores.

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The Old Way / Your Current Way

Blindly navigating through different data sources without real-time update
Cluttered and disorganized processes.
Disjointed and isolated handling of customer information
Inefficient and error-prone order picking and packing processes

Vndit Way / The New Way

Real-time data synchronization, including inventory, product information, and order management details.
Easy order tracking, fulfillment notifications, and efficient customer pickup experiences.
Centralized customer information, for a comprehensive view of customers, and targeted and relevant experiences across all channels
Optimized picking routes, barcode scanning support, and packing validation

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