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Essential Retail Suite

Introducing the Essential Retail Suite – the complete solution for simplifying your retail operations. With Checkout Champion for POS, Count Control for Inventory Management, and People Power for Workforce Management, this bundle streamlines your retail processes and maximizes efficiency.

Essential Retail Suite works in interconnection with Growth Retail Suite and Omnichannel Retail Suite, la solution tout en un pour la gestion de l'activité retail

Checkout Champion

With Checkout Champion, Retail Stores Mangers can manage sales, in-store inventory, and customer data in real-time. From fast, secure transactions to detailed sales reports and analytics, Checkout Champion provides all the tools retailers need to generate more revenue and grow.

Key Capabilities:

  • Streamline transactions to maximize revenue generation and profitability
  • Manage order cancellations to reduce revenue loss
  • Offer guest checkout options to smoothen the purchase process for first-time shoppers

Count Control

With Count Control, Warehouse Managers can keep count of your inventory with ease, reducing stock shortages and maximizing your profit margins. Now you can take control of your inventory and achieve operational efficiency   

Key Capabilities:

  • Monitor product inventory, both in physical and online stores to prevent lost sales
  • Allocate inventory strategically to meet customer demands across different locations Implement dynamic inventory for individual products or categories to reduce excess costs and maximize revenue
  • Implement dynamic inventory for individual products or categories to reduce excess costs and maximize revenue

People Power

With People Power, Retail Stores Owners can manage employee information, assign sales quotas, and much more. People Power simplifies and streamlines HR processes, allowing Owners to focus on what matters most: Generate revenue.

Key Capabilities:

  • Allocate sales to one or more sellers based on their performance to maximize sales operations
  • Define users’ levels based on their job responsibilities (I.e. Sales Mangers, Cashiers, System Administrators. Etc.)
  • Set access rights for different users, such as Stock Managers, Cashiers, or Administrators, to enhance efficiency and profitability

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The Old Way / Your Current Way

Complex and time-consuming checkout process
Limited payment options
Lack of visibility into real-time inventory levels at physical and online stores
Failure to reconcile physical and system inventory discrepancies
Absence of Sales Performance Tracking

Vndit Way / The New Way

Less than 5 steps simple and easy transaction placement from start to finish
6 intuitive multipayment options with plug & pay payment methods
Access to up-to-date and accurate inventory information in real-time
Accurately automate the process of reconciling physical and system inventory records, to reduce the time and effort required
An efficient platform to allocate sales tasks to different sellers improving overall sales effectiveness

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